Friday, April 2, 2010

19th Day - John Muir Day

Temperature in Yosemite today varied between a low of 41F to a high of 47F. Once out of the Park and on the main highway, the temperature did get to 61F on Route 99.
There is a 1/4 mile tunnel on Wawona Road at the west end of the Park that allows vehicle access to El Capitan and Bridalview Falls. One would not be able to see these wonders without it. I don't believe that there are many of these in Parks.
I paid the most for gasoline today at $3.15 per gallon. I believe it was because I have been in the Parks the past few days away from the main drag. The range has been from $2.59 to $3.15 per gallon so far on the trip. From what I had heard on gasoline California prices, I thought the difference would be higher.
The word for today is turnouts. There were many of these on Route 41.
I am off to San Fran tomorrow!
Night all!
The Traveller


  1. I am also surprised that the gasoline prices aren't that far out of whack with the northeast. I suppose it says something about our local businesses and their ethics. At any rate....thank you for the fantastic photos of Yosemite!

  2. Hey...have you seen the Easter Bunny on any of your travels??? Have a great Easter everyone!!! Enjoy San Francisco...its a great city...lots to beautiful...