Saturday, April 17, 2010

33rd Day - Loop De Loop Day

I woke up this morning with rain pouring down and the temperature at 39F. After completing the trek through the West and North part of Yellowstone the rain had stopped and the temperature was at 52F. It later warmed up to 77F at Livingston, Montana where I purchased a new cell phone.
At 9:00 AM I entered West Yellowstone Entrance to the Park and at 4:30 PM I was back to the same West Entrance. I went through the West and North area of the Park up to Livingston, Montana to Bozeman, Montana back to the West Entrance. I am getting no where fast!
I have added a total of 1895 miles since I left the Seattle area. For the return trip back east I am averaging 379 miles per day. Ouch my back!!!! Gasoline in Idaho is $2.99 per gallon but the octane continues its downward trend to 85.
When hiking up the stairs at Mammoth Hot Springs there were 70 steps plus inclines to the top. Where is my oxygen tank?
I actually saw a police car pull over a speeder today. I am thinking this is rare here.
I am heading South to Bryce Canyon tomorrow. It is going to take a good deal of time though.
Signing off!
The Traveller


  1. So what if you are taking some time in the parks??? Who wouldn't with such beauty to enjoy...this is great stuff...words can't begin to express how much I am enjoying all this with you....Thank you isn't enough....

  2. I concur! Most of this was to make sure you got a phone anyways.....and hopefully, the weather will be better today. It is cold and rainy here.

  3. I really love seeing pictures of the parks, too. This really helps me in deciding where to start on our trips....of course at a much later date.