Saturday, April 17, 2010

32nd Day - Gushing With Elation

Today was just a beautiful day, temperature in the mid 60s and the sky was just a gorgeous blue.
The trek on Route 287 from Helena to West Yellowstone was just enjoyable. Speed limit on the two lane (I call it a three lane) was 70 MPH. I call it a three lane as there is usually a third lane to accommodate passing of trucks when going up hills/mountains whether it be with you or for the oncoming traffic.
I saw more animals today than I have for the whole trip. Bison, elk, and deer were plentiful. One had to be very careful so as not to hit any of them.
I also added Wyoming to the state count.
Just a note that I have lost my ability to call others and for them to call me. I cannot find my phone and will need to replace it.
My plans for tomorrow is to revisit Yellowstone and to possible head to Grand Teton depending on the time constraints.
Sandman Time!
The Traveller


  1. Looks to me like you are having an most enjoyable trip...seeing beautiful sights...thanks so much for sharing it with us all...

  2. I concur. You are taking the trip of a lifetime. I'm having a great time following you and your pictures!

  3. Let us know when you have replaced the phone! We are loving the pictures and stories.....

  4. Dave, great shots. I hope to get out there someday, also. I don't think Scott would mind visiting again.

  5. Such beauty, we are so lucky to live in such a country. Should be an inspiration to us all.