Wednesday, April 21, 2010

37th Day - "Colorado Rocky Monarch High"

Temperature was again in low 50s in the morning but rose to low 70s by mid afternoon. I also want to add that five (5) miles West of the Monarch Pass it was 63F and by the time I arrived at Monarch Pass it was 48F.
One can drive to both the Peak and the Valley of Black Canyon. I really enjoyed visiting the Park.
Although Monarch Pass was damp, cold, wind blown, and overcast, it still was one of the most awe inspiring sights that I have ever seen in the USA. I can see why John Denver wrote about it.
There are Electrical Storms along with rain this evening. My plans for tomorrow are up in the air at this time.
Sandman is calling me so I will say goodnight to all.
The Traveller