Saturday, April 10, 2010

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

I finally found a Lighthouse that one can go up into. This one is located at Fort Casey in Coupeville, Washington. It has a spiral stairway to the top. It was originally built in 1861 and along with Fort Casey stood watch over the entrance of Puget Sound. The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1903 and has been taken care of by Washington State Parks Commission since.


  1. Finally a lighthouse that looks like one...haha...gorgeous....I like the lighthouses...Debbie, Dennis and I have seen have to be a goat to get to many of them...this one looks in great shape...thanks for showing us...

  2. At first.....I thought I was looking at a model of a lighthouse......must be real well preserved.

  3. Dennis would love to climb this one. Not me, I look from the bottom!! LOL Nice picture.