Monday, April 19, 2010

34th Day - Roll On Down The Highway

It was 52F in the morning and by noon it was 77F and stayed that way all day. One can tell I am a lot further South. It was just a beautiful day.
The cars maintenance required light illuminated during the 450 mile drive down I15. It is time for car number three. I am hoping I can exchange for another Prius as I am saving a lot more on gas with it than with the Camry. I may end up getting an oil change if not.
The long drive down I15 was aided by 75-80 MPH, however.
Bro called to tell me that my phone was found in Yellowstone just as I had figured.
I guess I should have stayed an extra day there.
My plans are to see both Zion and Bryce tomorrow.
The Traveller

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  1. Wow, with all those Toyotas, I'd be a little skeptical that I may get one with some problems....