Thursday, April 29, 2010

John Ray's House - Wilson Creek

This is the only building left from the 1861 Civil War Battle of Wilson Creek. It has been restored but it is still on the same sight as it was during the Civil War. It was used as a hospital for the Confederates during the Battle. According to the Park Ranger this was the Second Battle and the initial Battle West of the Mississippi of the Civil War.


  1. and what a war it was.....glad that something could be restored from that give us an idea of how it really was...

  2. I know it's a tad strange.....but I get almost a religious experience visiting civil war sites. Thanks!

  3. If we wever go to St. Louis we'll have to add this site to out Civil War battlefield list. I'm really interested in finding out more about it. Did you get the park brochure?