Saturday, April 24, 2010

40th Day - Stone Faced Presidents

Snow again falling this AM with temperature at 34F. The road to Denver was wet but passable. I25 road North of Cheyenne was closed. I decided to try Route 85 which basically runs parallel to I25. The first 25-30 miles had snow drifts on the road of over a foot and really tested my driving skills. Once I got to Meriden, Wyoming the roads were fine, however. It warmed to mid 50s as I went further North. Go figure!
Denver is now number one (1) in gasoline prices with a price of $2.57 per gallon. It was nice to see this as I travelled well over 400 miles today.
Hot Springs has a sight that was once a large sink hole which contained both Wooly and Columbian Mammoths. The bones are still in tact at the sight. It was quite interesting.
The Badlands are next on the agenda!
Night everyone!
The Traveller


  1. Good driving...can tell you were brought up with lots of snow around...

  2. Sorry I missed you last nite....will try to talk tonite.....sounds like tough driving conditions.

  3. You are seeing some amazing sights! What a wonderful trip you're having!

  4. Colorado weather is very unpredictable. I am glad you are posting every day so we know you are safe.....and having a great time, too!! Love ya!