Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been a month since I returned from the Trip. I mentioned that
I wanted to summarize all the details when I received all the charge
card information from the trip.
All data is in now so here it goes:

I- Gasoline/Mileage/Car Rental:

Totals For Camry & Prius
Gallons used - 433.431 Gallons
Mileage - 16848 Miles*
Avg. Cost/Gallon - $2.883/Gallon
Miles/Gallon - 38.9 MPG

Camry Only
Gallons used - 135.71 Gallons
Mileage - 3708 Miles*
Avg. Cost/Gallon - $2.756/Gallon
Miles/Gallon - 27.3 MPG

Low Price - $2.579/Gallon - Denver, Colorado
High Price - $3.259/Gallon - Crescent City, California

Average Miles Traveled per Day - 271.7 Miles/Day

Car Rental - $1674.20
2009 Camry - 3/13/10 to 3/27/10 at Phoenix, Az
2009 Prius - 3/27/10 to 5/14/10

*Includes 134 Miles traveled from New York To New Jersey.

II- Lodging:

Cost per evening - $80.17/Day

III- State Stay Durations:

Total of 39 States

7 Nights Each-Washington
6 Nights Each-California
5 Nights Each-Missouri
4 Nights Each-Colorado
3 Nights Each-Arizona, Montana, & Texas
2 Nights Each-Alabama, Illinois, & Louisiana
2 Nights Each-Nevada, New Jersey, & Oregon
2 Nights Each-South Dakota & Utah
2 Nights Each-Virginia & West Virginia
1 Nights Each-Idaho, Indiana, & Iowa
1 Nights Each-Maryland, Michigan, & Nebraska
1 Nights Each-New Mexico, Ohio, & Oklahoma
1 Nights Each-Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

In addition States Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky,
Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Dakota, Tennessee,
& Wyoming were visited during the trip.

The Shortest Stays was in Delaware, Georgia, & Minnesota which
was less than one hour duration in each.

IV- Top Ten Park Sights:

1) Pikes Peak
2) Grand Canyon
3) Yosemite
4) Glacier
5) Zion
6) Sequoia
7) Bryce
8) Yellowstone
9) Badlands
10) Black Canyon

There were additional Parks like Arches, Colorado National, Redwood,
and Wind Cave and awesome sights like Deception Pass that easily
could have made the list as well.

This list does not include Western Parks like Capital Reef, Crater
Lake, Death Valley, Grand Teton, Kings Canyon, Mount Rainier,
Olympic, Rocky Mountain, and Petrified Forest as they were not
visited on this trip. This was in part due to the time of season.

V- Comments:

This was such a wonderful trip and I have only good memories of it
even with the sometimes bad weather, traffic snarl, and rude drivers.
I must admit, however, that the drivers and people West of the
Mississippi are more courteous than those East of the Mississippi.
This Country truly has many beautiful Parks which have their own
unique features and landscapes in it. I really would like to thank
John Muir for pushing our government to set aside these lands to
allow for all people the opportunity to see them.
There is also many other places like bridges, museums, lighthouses,
President's homes, and other historic sights that one may visit.
I truly will never forget this trip.

I would also like to thank my family especially Bro and Bec for
keeping tabs on me and assisting me on possible places to visit. I
would also like to thank my sister for all her comments to this
website which by the way occurred with great regularity.

A special thanks to Mike who made this website possible so as I could
share my experiences with all of you. The Map of my travels was also
his responsibility.
Thanks to all my friends who visited my website and although they
could not have enjoyed the trip as much as I did, I hope they did get
some enjoyment out of the daily posts.

Thanks also need be extended to my next door neighbors, the
Staudts, for keeping care on the house while I was gone. I truly am
fortunate to have such good ones.

I would like to add that if anyone has the chance to visit this
Country for an extended period of time, try and do so by automobile.
One gets to see a great deal more that way.

Signing off for good!

The Traveller