Wednesday, April 7, 2010

24th Day - First Disappointment

I waited all morning and afternoon to observe Mt. St. Helens but the weather would just not cooperate. There is little one can do, however.
Temperature was low 50s early in the day but settled into the mid 40s in the afternoon. Obviously there was a good deal of rain again. I am thinking that the Great Northwest gets a lot of rain in the Spring.
I have now travelled 6193 miles to date on my trip or an average of 258 miles per day.
The average miles per day is decreasing, it could be that the mileage is getting harder on the body or that the terrain and weather are having an effect. I am thinking it is all the above.
I still am enjoying myself, it is just amazing how beautiful this country is.
I am planning on just strolling downtown Seattle area tomorrow.
I am going to enjoy a movie this evening!
I did want to add if one cannot make out the picture due to size, if you just click on the picture it will enlarge it. One can also save it to their pc if they so desire.
Good night.
The Traveller


  1. You should be getting a little tired....look at where you've been...that's a lot of road!!! Good to do it now, rather than wait...

  2. I remember the first time we went to Bar Harbor, ME and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. We got up there and you could not see ANYTHING. The fog and clouds were so thick it was like you were in a different world!