Tuesday, April 6, 2010

23rd Day - Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Temperatures at the wake of day were mid 40s and again rainy. By the time I arrived in Washington it had warmth up to high 50s and it had stopped raining.
Stopping in McMinnville, Oregon was a pleasant surprise as one can see from posted pictures. I hope all the children like the Mammoth picture.
Gasoline prices were back in line $2.89 per gallon, which has been the prices for most of the trip. Speed limit seems to change from state to state though, California was 70MPH, Oregon 65MPH, and Washington again 70MPH. Long gone are the speed limits of 75MPH and 80MPH for states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.
I did notice that Oregon speed limit signs have large numbers on them. They either are trying to aid the eye impaired or to stress the speeds that one travels.
Another note is that New Jersey and Oregon have at least one thing in common. One cannot pump its own gas at the gas stations. I asked the attendant at the pump and he really wasn't sure why drivers can't pump their own gas.
I didn't get to see Mt. St. Helens today as I spent a lot of time at Evergreen. Mt. St. Helens is waiting for me tomorrow!
Going to catch some winks!
The Traveller


  1. Hope you get some better weather to see St Helens....maybe this is normal for spring in the northwest. It was 85 and muggy here today....feels like thunderstorm weather.

  2. Gas prices are edging over $3 mark here locally, so you are in good company with that.