Friday, April 23, 2010

39th Day - Stuck Inside of Castle Rock With The Colorado Weather Blues

Awoke this morning to find that snow had started falling in the early morning hours along with the temperature being at 34F. I decided to make a run for it but only made it to Castle Rock which is 40 miles to the North. It was the 10 to 12 inches of snow that limited my mileage. With weather like this my trip is going to have to be extended a few days.
Basically this was laundry and reminiscencing about Pikes Peak day.
My plan is to get up real early tomorrow and try to make Mt. Rushmore. It will be a stretch.
Night Night!
The (Un)Traveller


  1. Hope you make Mt Rushmore tomorrow!

  2. Does the Prius have four wheel drive? Drive Careful!

  3. Good far you have had good weather...those mtns are beautiful but lots of snow...maybe June would be better???

  4. I would not mind being stuck in Colorado with a foot of snow. What's your problem?