Monday, April 26, 2010

42nd Day - Dakota Day

It was raining again this AM with a temperature in the low 40s. The temperature dipped to the mid 30s as I travelled up North.
North Dakota can now be added to the State count. It was quite an interesting hour that I spent in North Dakota, however. While travelling down Route 11, I encountered water across the road and had to turn around and find another route.
The gasoline octane is 87 or higher in the Dakotas, yet the prices are in the $2.90s per gallon. I am curious on just how all these octanes affect the engines performance over a long period of time.
Heading South with the ultimate destination of Oklahoma City tomorrow.
Night everyone!
the Traveller


  1. Oklahoma City...Deb..any comments???

  2. Sure puts a new spin on lakeshore drive, eh? That's a new one......a stop sign for underwater roads....yikes!