Thursday, April 22, 2010

38th Day - America The Beautiful

Temperatures were in low 50s when I arose but warmed to the low 60s on the drive to Colorado Springs. They plummeted to 28F at or near the top of Pikes Peak. When I got back to the entrance it was 52F. This was certainly one of the best days of the trip. Traveling up to the top of Pikes Peak was simply awesome.
The gasoline prices in Colorado are a bit cheaper than in Utah. The last gasoline purchase in Utah was at $3.19 per gallon, I spent $2.74 per gallon in Colorado.
The return trip East has amassed a total of 3467 in the 10 days for an average of 347 miles per day. The trip out West averaged 245 miles per day. The total mileage for the trip now stands at 9827 miles.
The plan is to start heading North again.
Night everyone!
The Traveller


  1. too bad you couldn't use these with an airline!!!hahaha...your best pics yet...gorgeous country...

  2. OK, you have convinced me Colorado is one magnificent state! I am hoping the rest of the trip can serve as something other than a letdown of sorts!

  3. I have friends that live in Colorado, so now I am REALLY going to have to get out there and visit.