Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sante Fe Locomotive #3759

This picture was taken in KIngman, Arizona. The locomotive was built in 1928 in Pennsylvania as a coal burning steam locomotive which ran at a top speed of 60 MPH. It was converted to oil fuel in 1941 and ran for the last time in 1953.
The locomotive was presented to City of Kingman in 1957.
Just a side note, the citizens of Kingman supposedly used ropes to pull the locomotive 30 feet to allow for the red caboose on the track in 1987.


  1. Do they have rides still???? I love riding on old trains...Danny instilled this is me with his love for Thomas many years ago....again...great photo...

  2. Maybe it has brothers in our own Steamtown (Scranton)! Glad they are keeping it around....we have a tendency to throw everything old away these days....