Sunday, March 28, 2010

14th Day - Busy with the Travel and Attractions

There was frost on the pumpkins this morning. The temperature did top out at 68F today, however. I have had real good weather for this time of the year.
I am now over 4000 miles for the trip. My average of 250-300 miles a day is working out so far. I just hope my back can keep it up.
Travelled the Desert View Drive of the Grand Canyon today. One travels east of the Visitor Center for this. I finally was able to see the Colorado River as a result of this drive. I then drove to the West Rim where the Skywalk is (170 or so miles). The drive to the Skywalk was something else. It is a 45 minute drive from Route 93 with a lot of the roads more suitable for cattle then cars. There is about a 8-10 mile stretch that is dirt road.
This leads us to the word today esplanade. Many of the NJ people might know this already.
If Shrak2 would identify themselves I would appreciate it. I am at a lost on who you are.
It is getting about the time.
The Traveller


  1. I'm so glad you're having such a good time and that the weather and your back are doing so well. The pictures are breathtaking. This is the trip of a life time!

  2. I think I Esplanade is a Cadillac SUV, right? :-)

  3. You are holding up well......I think we did just over 3000 miles....and we were a LOT younger then! Keep it up.....