Sunday, March 21, 2010

7th Day - Lone Star State Day

It was 41F and very windy this morning. By the end of the day it warmed up to 63F and the sun did show itself.
As I was travelling on Route 10 near Port Arthur I saw a mileage sign that says 897 miles to El Paso. I am going to be in the Lone Star State awhile. I am over 2100 miles for the trip.
Went to Johnson Space Center Museum and the Beach where I added shells to the collection.
It was good talking with everyone today.
Signing off now!
The Traveller


  1. Dave....let us not forget....that late,great blues singer, Janis Joplin was born in Port Arthur. Hard to believe she's been gone now for almost 40 years!


  2. I forgot to add that we beat you....temperature-wise....again as it was in the low 70's in upstate NY Sunday. Some weird phenomenon is happening, as we have usually been a little warmer than where you've been. I'm sure that will change soon..............

  3. Hey Dad,

    Great work so far, I'm liking it! I can't believe it was so cold down there. I'm sure it'll warm up soon.

    I got some info on the hotels in St. Louis so when you get a break give me a call in the evening sometime.

  4. The pictures are beautiful. So glad you're having such a good trip and meeting so many helpful people. You should take a couple days in San Antonio,, Jenn says its beautiful and I'm sure your back could use the rest! Glad the weather is warming up,, its cooling down here to more normal temps unfortunately! Travel safe!


  5. Enjoy the River Walk! It's fantastic!!!