Friday, March 26, 2010

12th Day - Real trying day

I had a pretty rough day today. Cold does not seem to be getting any better. It is not going to dampen my spirits though as the Grand Canyon is next on my agenda as Vern did not want for me to see him with my cold and all. I am camped out between Phoenix and Flagstaff.
Temperature in Phoenix made 75F today but the wind was gusting though.
I had to give up my Camry as it needed an oil change. I now am driving a smaller vehicle. Could barely put all my stuff in it.
I am going to try and give everyone a new word for the day. The word for today is rhyolite and bro give others a chance, ha ha!
I am going to bed as I need extra sleep.
The Traveller


  1. Dave...sorry to hear you have a cold...makes you feel miserable...and your friend not wanting to see you ....isn't that some kind of rock???..I has been cold here...down in the 20's night before last...spring come will love the Grand is breathtaking....what a hole in the ground????!!!take care of yourself...its no fun if you don't feel well....didn't realize that you were renting a up...

  2. Melanie and Steve Zimmer live in the suburbs of Phoenix...that is Patti's niece...Barb's daughter...they have done quite well out there...just a bit of info you could do without...

  3. So, why not change the oil and move on? What car are you driving today?
    Rhyolite is an igneous rock with similar properties to granite.
    Take care of that cold. No driving while under the influence of Nyquil.