Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great 4th Day - Everyone should take a trip like this

If you are ever in Alabama I recommend going to Space Museum in Huntsville. It is awesome. I spent 5 hours there, couldn't get enough of it.
I heard that NJ had warmer weather than here though. It got to 64F today. I am a little south of Montgomery. Heading for Mobile tomorrow and to Biloxi near the beaches. Will try and get some Gulf of Mexico photos tomorrow as well as the Battleship Alabama.
Mileage is up to over 1300. Still have a long way to go though. Am holding up pretty good so far.
Until tomorrow!
The Traveller


  1. Hey Dad! The pics of the Space museum are fantastic! I'll show the kids when I get home tonight! You cetainly are the Travelin' Man!

    DRIVE SAFE!!!!

  2. Hey Dave...when in NOLA have a beignet. And this place could be the best food you will find for a while on your travels. The pics from Huntsville are great. When you get back we'll have to get together with Jim and get some of his stories. Enjoy the Big Easy...find a Blues club.