Thursday, March 25, 2010

11th Day - Made it to Arizona barely.

While driving through New Mexico noticed many Police and Border Patrol people. I am doing very well with the speed limit though. New Mexico and Arizona speed limit is 75 MPH which makes it easier to obey. I also wanted to add that the Octane of regular gasoline is 86 not 87 like at home. I am thinking that is why gasoline is less expensive down here. The lowest price so far on my trip is 2.59 a gallon. Route 10 between Lordsburg and the Arizona border is like driving over an old washboard. Seems it is built over a gypsum lake bed which makes the base soft and with the heat and trucks cause the washboard effect.
Temperature topped out at 72F today. It again was sunny. I have had mostly good weather on the trip. I am not a big fan of 90 as you well know.
There are roadside signs that warn of Dust storms in certain areas. I did witness one off the side of the road in New Mexico. It looked like a very small tornado.
I am off to see Vern tomorrow.
Mike let me know when map is ready.
Signing off!
The Traveller


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  2. Hey Dad,

    Check your e-mail, I sent you a picture of the map but I wanted to make sure it looks right before I put it up.