Saturday, March 20, 2010

6th Day - Good Weather, Good Food, Good Everything in NOLA

I apologize for all the pictures posted but I wanted everyone to see how impressive the French Quarter (Vieux Carre) of New Orleans was. I saw it both day and night with day winning out. I might add that there was very little water in this area after Katrina. This is part of New Orleans that is actually above sea level as the Mississippi flows to its South.
Weather temperature topped out at 70F today! Had a great meal! Just Another great day!
I am heading for Texas tomorrow. Go Longhorns!


  1. Pictures are beautiful! You're doing a great job,, glad it warmed up!

  2. Hey the pics as you go along...also the phone calls...I'm glad for you to be able to take such a great trip...something you'll always remember in your old age...hahaha....glad you had such great food...treat yourself more'll love Galvaston...can't you hear Glen Campbell in the background????....the space center is also great...know you'll enjoy!!!!

  3. Hey Dave! Its Debbie. Isn't New Orleans just phenomenal? I loved it. The French Quarter is so quaint, and food is awesome, and of course, the drinks aren't bad either!! LOL Cool that you are getting to do this. Hope someday I can do something like this, too. Glad you are having a great time and sharing it all with us! Love you, have fun, safe. Well, I'm a Mom, you know!! :-)