Monday, May 3, 2010

Lincoln's Springfield Home

Purchased in May of 1844 for the sum of $1500 from Reverend Dresser who married them, the Lincoln would live in the Greek Revival House for a total of 17 years. Over the years the Lincolns enlarged the house to the size shown. Once Lincoln became President in 1861 they rented out the house to Lucian Tilton of The Great Western Railroad fame.
The restored house does have some of the original furnishing in it today, however most were either given away or sold when the Lincolns moved to Washington.
This house is not as impressive as Jefferson's Monticello retreat or Washington's Plantation on the Potomac but has proven to be a visitors mecca on its own.


  1. I don't think Lincoln was as rich as the others...most the of politicans today could certainly learn a lot(honesty, morals, etc) from our founding fathers and those that came shortly thereafter...

  2. We have seen what money brings to the table.......I'll take Abe anyday! Thanks for the pics of his home.

  3. There's a reason he's at Mt. Rushmore...