Saturday, May 1, 2010

46th Day - Meet Me In St. Louis

First I would like to apologize for not posting last night. Mike got in real late last night and we decided to go right to bed when we arrived at the Hotel.
The temperature was in mid 60s when I awoke yesterday and later in the day topped out with a high of 74F. It was overcast with rain coming right after I left Tipton.
The drive up Route 5 through the Lake of the Ozarks was quite scenic. I was hoping for good weather but one cannot have everything. The weather for the past few days has been real nice.
I wanted to note that many of the roads in Missouri are designated with alpha characters such as ZZ and YY. In addition gasoline was very close to the low cost of the trip at $2.59 per gallon.
Well it is off to the ballgame today. We are hoping for better weather today than last night. It really poured here last night.
Will update blog tonight, so until then!
The Traveller

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  1. Hope the weather is good and the Cards play better than last night for you & Mike!