Tuesday, May 4, 2010

50th day - Chi-Town/Windy City

The temperature started out in the mid 50s when I awoke but rose to 86F in the afternoon in downtown Chicago. I spent over four (4) hours walking around downtown Chicago in this temperature.
The price of gasoline is $3.19 per gallon in downtown Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. I have enough gasoline to wait and hope that it will be less expensive a way from Chicago.
I really enjoyed walking around Chicago. It is quite clean with very little smell.
I love the Chicago River running through it. Originally the River flowed from Lake Michigan into the City.
The plan is to go to a Railway Museum in the morning and then head Northwest to Iowa tomorrow.
Night everyone!
The Traveller


  1. Iowa...maybe you can find "field of dreams"....

  2. Chicago looks pretty cool! Let us know how the train museum was.