Wednesday, May 5, 2010

51st Day - Cinco de Mayo

The temperature again was in the mid 50s when the morning came but later reached a high of 76F. The sun again decided to show itself. Another nice day!
I had to buy gasoline for $3.14 per gallon today. That is one of the highest prices on the trip.
I really enjoyed roaming around the acreage of the Illinois Railway Museum. Although the Museum itself was closed, there were many Locomotives, Railroad Cars, and Cabooses located on the grounds that one could see. They are all restoration projects by the volunteers.
I also stopped in a town called Galena. Galena is a Latin word meaning lead sulfide. It was a big Mining Town in the mid 1800s, hence its name. It also has a lot of very interesting buildings that are considered historical sights, including US Grant's home.
It is off to see the Effigy Mounds tomorrow as I continue my climb up North to the Upper Peninsula.
The Traveller


  1. Are you going over to Mackinaw Island?? I hear its quite drawn wagons and such...

  2. Bro, you are taking after a hero of mine....Charles Kuralt.....keep it up!

  3. Actually, this day is also known as Bernie's birthday (Scott will explain!).