Tuesday, May 11, 2010

57th Day - Glass and Glassy Surfaces

The Temperature was in the high 40s this A.M. and raining. The temperature did get up to 58F later in the A.M. but it was short lived as it plummeted to 37F on the drive to and on Route 68. The drive was real nerve-racking with all the rain and the fog.
Gasoline prices in West Virginia were $2.99 per gallon in Frostburg, Maryland. It is kind of strange the way one drives in and out of Maryland and West Virginia on Route 68. It is hard to know just what state one is in.
The Blenko Glass Factory was quite interesting to tour. I observed a total of six (6) workers that transformed the molten glass into the final glass product. The Glass Blower seemed to be the key clog in the wheel, however.
Let's hope the weather will clear up some tomorrow so as I can do both Antietam and Harpers Ferry.
Unti tomorrow!
The Traveller


  1. You finally got our May weather...real crummy...rain, cold, snow, etc....pray for sunshine for your outside activity...

  2. West Virginia! Your getting closer & closer!!