Friday, May 7, 2010

53rd Day - A Yooper...Just for One Day

Awoke this morning with the temperature in the mid 40s, overcast, windy, and raining. As I headed further North, the rain increased, winds increased, and the temperature dropped to 37F. The driving was a bit tedious as well with all the rain and the two lane roads that were taken. I thought this might be a rerun of the Castle Rock, Colorado day.
I paid $2.94 per gallon for gasoline in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since I travelled the scenic route, I was not surprised with these prices.
I stopped in Green Bay to visit Lambeau Field. I ended up taking a tour of the stadium. Lambeau Field has just a few necessary frills needed for a great football stadium.
Even though the weather did not cooperate, The Mackinac Bridge was as beautiful as advertised. I really have seen some awesome sights!
Tomorrow the plan is to head South through the Lower Peninsula of Michigan! Maybe there is an Automobile Museum that one can tour.
Night for now!
The Traveller


  1. Did you treat yourself to a steak dinner and a cupcake? Elizabeth tried her best to "smash" her cupcake through the web cam to you!! Hope the weather improves!

  2. Glad you were able to talk to your family for your birthday!!!

  3. Dearborn has a great car museum...I think its Henry Ford...Patti and I went to it when I went to school in Detroit...

  4. OK, check out the Henry Ford, then! Sounds great. We'll do a good-weather dance for you! :-)