Thursday, May 13, 2010

59th Day - DC and Vicinity

The temperature was in the low 50s this morning. The high was 68F during my trek to DC. As one can see from the pictures it was overcast all day but it did not rain at all.
Gasoline was purchased in Virginia at $2.85 per gallon. It will be interesting just how much cost the gasoline was on this trip. I am thinking it would have been a lot worse if the Camry was used on the entire trip.
I really enjoyed the Air and Space Museum today. It contained the Space Shuttle Enterprise, The Enola Gay, and the SR-71A Blackbird to name just a few.
The Blackbird accrued more than 2800 hours of flight time during its 24 years of service. In 1990 the aircraft on display in the Museum flew from California to Washington DC in 1 hour and 4 minutes and 20 seconds landing at Dulles. It was turned over to the Smithsonian at that time.
I always liked to stop in downtown DC to get re-inspired with all the Monuments there. I was a bit disappointed on not being able to take the ride up in the Washington Monument though. It seems that one has to schedule this far in advance now.
My plan is to visit Gettysburg National Park in the morning and then take the final leg of my journey back home.
Goodnight everyone!
The Traveller

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  1. Nice job on the blog....thanks for taking all of us along for the ride....enjoyed it!