Saturday, May 8, 2010

54th Day - Indiana Wants Me

This morning the temperature was 34F and snow was falling. I drove the first two (2) hours in the snow and bitter cold. Once I arrived in Mt. Pleasant the temperature had climbed all the way up to 39F and rain replaced the snow. The temperature peaked at 50F by the time I got to Angola. The rain continued off and on the whole drive. The drive was not so hectic as yesterday though as it was mostly Interstate and four (4) lane highway driving.
The Odometer reading shows 7862 miles since I left LaConner, Washington. This was 26 days ago which translate into 302 miles per day for the return trip. Total mileage for the trip is now up to 14222 miles along with the state count now up to 36 total. There are only three (3) more states that I plan on visiting on this trip.
During the drive from Mackinaw City, there was a highway sign near Waters, Michigan along Interstate 75 that identified that it was the 45th Parallel. This identifies the half way point between the North Pole and the Equator. I have never encountered a highway sign like that before.
I spent some time in Angola, Indiana where I graduated from college many years ago. The campus has changed a great deal since then. I forgot to add that today was Commencement for Trine and Bobby Knight was the speaker. Go figure!
The plan is to travel South tomorrow to Indianapolis and Cincinnati with the ultimate destination of Louisville.
Time to sign off for now!
The Traveller


  1. How nice to visit old alma interesting about the sign...may the weather be kinder in Kentucky...

  2. Bro, the weather is cold here today as I told you last night. Bec said there was a little snow on the back deck this morning....melted away by the time I awoke.

  3. BTW.....R Dean Taylor! Got it....