Saturday, May 1, 2010

47th Day - Baseball

The temperature was in the mid 60s when we awoke this AM. It was partly cloudy and it appeared that we might see some rain. The temperature at Busch peaked at 71F, I really thought it was hotter than that. The temperature did get to 75F later in the afternoon.
We drove to Busch and parked about .3 miles from the Ball Park, the cost was a reasonable $10. The seats were very good as they were on the third base side just 8 rows back from the Cardinal dugout. We were extremely happy with the outcome as the Cardinals won 6-3.
Went to a place called IMOs Pizza after the game. The crust is very thin but the toppings and pizza sauce was real tasty.
The plan tomorrow is to bungee jump off the Arch (just kidding), attend Sunday's game and perhaps go for a Brewery Tour. Looks like it will be a busy day.
The sandman is calling!
The Traveller

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