Monday, June 14, 2010


It has been a month since I returned from the Trip. I mentioned that
I wanted to summarize all the details when I received all the charge
card information from the trip.
All data is in now so here it goes:

I- Gasoline/Mileage/Car Rental:

Totals For Camry & Prius
Gallons used - 433.431 Gallons
Mileage - 16848 Miles*
Avg. Cost/Gallon - $2.883/Gallon
Miles/Gallon - 38.9 MPG

Camry Only
Gallons used - 135.71 Gallons
Mileage - 3708 Miles*
Avg. Cost/Gallon - $2.756/Gallon
Miles/Gallon - 27.3 MPG

Low Price - $2.579/Gallon - Denver, Colorado
High Price - $3.259/Gallon - Crescent City, California

Average Miles Traveled per Day - 271.7 Miles/Day

Car Rental - $1674.20
2009 Camry - 3/13/10 to 3/27/10 at Phoenix, Az
2009 Prius - 3/27/10 to 5/14/10

*Includes 134 Miles traveled from New York To New Jersey.

II- Lodging:

Cost per evening - $80.17/Day

III- State Stay Durations:

Total of 39 States

7 Nights Each-Washington
6 Nights Each-California
5 Nights Each-Missouri
4 Nights Each-Colorado
3 Nights Each-Arizona, Montana, & Texas
2 Nights Each-Alabama, Illinois, & Louisiana
2 Nights Each-Nevada, New Jersey, & Oregon
2 Nights Each-South Dakota & Utah
2 Nights Each-Virginia & West Virginia
1 Nights Each-Idaho, Indiana, & Iowa
1 Nights Each-Maryland, Michigan, & Nebraska
1 Nights Each-New Mexico, Ohio, & Oklahoma
1 Nights Each-Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

In addition States Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky,
Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Dakota, Tennessee,
& Wyoming were visited during the trip.

The Shortest Stays was in Delaware, Georgia, & Minnesota which
was less than one hour duration in each.

IV- Top Ten Park Sights:

1) Pikes Peak
2) Grand Canyon
3) Yosemite
4) Glacier
5) Zion
6) Sequoia
7) Bryce
8) Yellowstone
9) Badlands
10) Black Canyon

There were additional Parks like Arches, Colorado National, Redwood,
and Wind Cave and awesome sights like Deception Pass that easily
could have made the list as well.

This list does not include Western Parks like Capital Reef, Crater
Lake, Death Valley, Grand Teton, Kings Canyon, Mount Rainier,
Olympic, Rocky Mountain, and Petrified Forest as they were not
visited on this trip. This was in part due to the time of season.

V- Comments:

This was such a wonderful trip and I have only good memories of it
even with the sometimes bad weather, traffic snarl, and rude drivers.
I must admit, however, that the drivers and people West of the
Mississippi are more courteous than those East of the Mississippi.
This Country truly has many beautiful Parks which have their own
unique features and landscapes in it. I really would like to thank
John Muir for pushing our government to set aside these lands to
allow for all people the opportunity to see them.
There is also many other places like bridges, museums, lighthouses,
President's homes, and other historic sights that one may visit.
I truly will never forget this trip.

I would also like to thank my family especially Bro and Bec for
keeping tabs on me and assisting me on possible places to visit. I
would also like to thank my sister for all her comments to this
website which by the way occurred with great regularity.

A special thanks to Mike who made this website possible so as I could
share my experiences with all of you. The Map of my travels was also
his responsibility.
Thanks to all my friends who visited my website and although they
could not have enjoyed the trip as much as I did, I hope they did get
some enjoyment out of the daily posts.

Thanks also need be extended to my next door neighbors, the
Staudts, for keeping care on the house while I was gone. I truly am
fortunate to have such good ones.

I would like to add that if anyone has the chance to visit this
Country for an extended period of time, try and do so by automobile.
One gets to see a great deal more that way.

Signing off for good!

The Traveller

Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Trip Map

Again thanks to Mike for this!

Prius and Me

I had to post a picture of me and my companion for a month and a half. This guy saved me a bundle on gasoline on my travels.

Friday, May 14, 2010

60th Day - Home at Last.....I'm Home at Last

The temperature was in the mid 50s this morning and overcast. It really warmed up very quickly and later in the afternoon it rose to 86F. I have to say this tied the hottest temperature during the 60 Day trip. Go figure!
I spent the morning at the Gettysburg Battlefields. Although it was very interesting, I enjoyed Antietam more. It seems to me there are way too many Monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefields that take away the mystique of the grounds.
Gasoline prices in Pennsylvania were $2.79 per gallon. This was better than most states I visited in the pass 60 Days.
The final day driving mileage was 261 miles which translated into a total mileage for the return trip East of 9354 miles. The average mileage for the return trip East was 292 miles per day. Total mileage for the trip was 16,714 miles. By the way I arrived at the house at 4:08 P.M.
I plan on putting some additional facts on the trip to my readers at a later time. I just want to take some quiet time for a few days for now!
Until then, I am signing off as:
The Traveller

Little Round Top

This was the site of an unsuccessful assault by the Confederate Troops against the Union's Left Flank on the second day of the three (3) day Battle of Gettysburg. Colonel Strong Vincent's Brigade defended this successfully for the Union. It was a key victory for the Federals.

Eisenhower's Farmhouse and Barn

This picture taken from the Longstreet Tower located near Pitzer Woods on the Gettysburg National Military Park Battlefield. The Tower was built in 1895 and stands 76 feet above ground level.
Eisenhower bought the the run-down farmhouse in 1950 and after attaining the Presidency had it rebuilt for Mamie.
I do have to admit that DDE needs some kudos as he forced China in a cease-fire in the Korean War in the first year of his Presidency. He also balanced the budget three (3) of his eight (8) years while in office. Like that will ever happen again!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

59th Day - DC and Vicinity

The temperature was in the low 50s this morning. The high was 68F during my trek to DC. As one can see from the pictures it was overcast all day but it did not rain at all.
Gasoline was purchased in Virginia at $2.85 per gallon. It will be interesting just how much cost the gasoline was on this trip. I am thinking it would have been a lot worse if the Camry was used on the entire trip.
I really enjoyed the Air and Space Museum today. It contained the Space Shuttle Enterprise, The Enola Gay, and the SR-71A Blackbird to name just a few.
The Blackbird accrued more than 2800 hours of flight time during its 24 years of service. In 1990 the aircraft on display in the Museum flew from California to Washington DC in 1 hour and 4 minutes and 20 seconds landing at Dulles. It was turned over to the Smithsonian at that time.
I always liked to stop in downtown DC to get re-inspired with all the Monuments there. I was a bit disappointed on not being able to take the ride up in the Washington Monument though. It seems that one has to schedule this far in advance now.
My plan is to visit Gettysburg National Park in the morning and then take the final leg of my journey back home.
Goodnight everyone!
The Traveller

President's Monuments

These pictures need no explanation other than they were taken basically at the same point, The World War II Memorial.

Space Shuttle Enterprise

This one is for Bro. The picture is taken at the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center located near Dulles Airport in Virginia.
The Space Shuttle Orbiter is a full scale test vehicle used for flights in the atmosphere and tests on the ground.
The Shuttle was flown atop a Boeing 747 carrier airplane and also released and piloted to check out its systems and performance.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

58th Day - Civil War Day

The temperature was in the mid 50s when I awoke this A.M. It had stopped raining from the previous day and the weather cooperated enough for my visits to both Antietam and Harpers Ferry. The temperature would peak at 68F for the day. Upon my return from Harpers Ferry the rains came, however.
I spent over five (5) hours at Antietam Battlefields today. There really is an awful lot to see there. It is just unbelievable the number of lives lost in the 12 hours of fighting on that day, September 17, 1862.
I also returned to Harpers Ferry, the scene of one of my favorite towns I like to visit. Getting there was a little different this time as one has to take a shuttle from Harpers Ferry National Park to downtown Harpers Ferry now. This is due to very little parking in the downtown area.
I am off to see The Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport and hopefully some of the monuments in D.C tomorrow.
Night everyone!
The Traveller

Harpers Ferry Railroad Bridge andTunnel

This picture taken in Harpers Ferry, West Virgina showing where the Train exits from Maryland and crosses the Potomac into West Virginia.
This is a sight my family should remember as we were here around 15 years ago.

Burnside Bridge - Antietam Creek

This picture taken of the Lower Bridge, later named Burnside Bridge, sight of the Southern Arena of the Antietam Battles. It took the Union three (3) attacks to finally capture this crucial crossing.
The total Battle areas from North to South measured over three (3) miles.

Sunken Road - Antietam National Battlefield

This picture taken from the War Department Observation Tower that was built in 1896 as part of the U.S. Military to create an open-air classroom at Antietam.
One is looking North through one of the port holes that brackets Sunken Road that was the location of one of the Bloodiest Battles at Antietam. On September 17, 1862 Union General William French followed by General Israel Richardson converged at Sunken Road with General D.H. Hill of the Confederates.
The total casualties of all the 12 hour Battles at Antietam was 22,717, the most of any single day of the Civil War.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

57th Day - Glass and Glassy Surfaces

The Temperature was in the high 40s this A.M. and raining. The temperature did get up to 58F later in the A.M. but it was short lived as it plummeted to 37F on the drive to and on Route 68. The drive was real nerve-racking with all the rain and the fog.
Gasoline prices in West Virginia were $2.99 per gallon in Frostburg, Maryland. It is kind of strange the way one drives in and out of Maryland and West Virginia on Route 68. It is hard to know just what state one is in.
The Blenko Glass Factory was quite interesting to tour. I observed a total of six (6) workers that transformed the molten glass into the final glass product. The Glass Blower seemed to be the key clog in the wheel, however.
Let's hope the weather will clear up some tomorrow so as I can do both Antietam and Harpers Ferry.
Unti tomorrow!
The Traveller

Route 68 Driving Conditions

This picture taken near Frostburg, Maryland at 3:30 PM today showing the rain and the fog that was encountered during the drive on Route 68. The fog was unbelievable.
I believe this would have been a very scenic drive had it not been for the rain and fog.

Glass Blower At Work

This picture taken at the Observation Deck at the Blenko Glass Factory in Milton, West Virginia.
The picture shows the Glass Blower placing the Glass in a mold where he taps it once or twice on the bottom of the mold and then blows air in the blowing pipe to make it form its final shape.
Just a note that after adding air to the blowing pipe he places his finger over the end to maintain the air pressure inside the glass until its ready to be removed from the mold.

Monday, May 10, 2010

56th Day - Run for the Roses

The temperature was in the mid 50s this morning. The temperature later rose to 68F in the afternoon. It was overcast most of the day but the sun did show through on and off on Route 64 through Kentucky.
I really enjoyed visiting Churchill Downs especially the Tour where one can walk out to the racetrack. The track surface is made up of what one calls 'sandy loam' which consists of sand (75%), silt (23%), and clay (2%).
I also thought the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Tour was interesting. At the end of the Tour a Mini-Bat was given out. Zachary are you listening?
The plan is to visit a Glass Factory and Harpers Ferry tomorrow.
In the meanwhile its time for some shut eye!
The Traveller.

Perfect Drift

'Perfect Drift' who placed third in the 2002 Kentucky Derby is on loan for the summer months to the Kentucky Derby Museum.
I think that these thoroughbred horses are the prettiest animals in the world.

Barbaro Memorial in Churchill Downs

In April of 2009 Churchill Downs unveiled a 1500 pound Bronze Statue of Barbaro.
The Statue, which has Barbaro's ashes in the base, was placed outside Gate 1 so the public can visit him anytime.
This shows a lot of class by Churchill Downs people.
Barbaro, if one remembers, was the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby but broke his leg during the Preakness that same year. On January 29th of 2007 he was taken from the Racing World.

Walk of Fame - Stan Musial

Hillerich and Bradsby Company, the parent owners of the "LSM&F" funded a private project that added Bronze Replicas of Bats of Baseball Greats along Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition a home plate was also included to show career highlights of the players.
There is one for Dot Richardson, the US Olympic Softball Player and graduate of University of Louisville as well.
I am thinking this is an idea that came about from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Giant Bat

This pictured taken in Louisville, Kentucky just outside the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.
The bat, made of steel, stands 120 feet high and weighs over 68,000 pounds. It would weigh a great deal more if not for being hollow.
Just a note it is not leaning against the building but completely free standing.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

55th Day - Happy Mother's Day

The temperature was in low 40s this AM. It rose to a high of 63F in Cincinnati. It was nice to see the sun shinning again.
It was neat seeing all the winning cars at the IMS Museum. There were many of the winning cars on display. There were also many Bikes and Foreign cars like Ferrari and Maserati.
I was very disappointed with the bus tour as it drove all around the track but never stopped for picture taking. It seems one needs to ask the right questions first.
The gasoline in Kentucky costs $2.99 per gallon. I guess each state has its own idea on what it should charge.
It is off to see Churchill Downs in the AM and then start the head back East.
Night to everyone!
The Traveller

!967 Indianapolis 500 Winning Car

This 1967 winning car, a Sheraton-Thompson Special, was prepared by A.J. Foyt's Dad for the Museum. This was A.J. Foyt's third win. In 1977 he would win his fourth which ties him for the most wins with Rick Mears and Al Unser, Sr.
He would start fourth in the race and have an average speed of 151.207 MPH. I believe the record average speed is 185.981 set by Arie Luyendyk in 1990.

IMS Hall of Fame Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum is located inside the the 2.5 mile Track between Turn 1 and Turn 2. One gets there by taking the Tunnel under the Track via 16th Street.
There are many of the Indy Cars that won the 500 Mile Race inside the Museum. This is a must see Museum if one is visiting Indianapolis.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

54th Day - Indiana Wants Me

This morning the temperature was 34F and snow was falling. I drove the first two (2) hours in the snow and bitter cold. Once I arrived in Mt. Pleasant the temperature had climbed all the way up to 39F and rain replaced the snow. The temperature peaked at 50F by the time I got to Angola. The rain continued off and on the whole drive. The drive was not so hectic as yesterday though as it was mostly Interstate and four (4) lane highway driving.
The Odometer reading shows 7862 miles since I left LaConner, Washington. This was 26 days ago which translate into 302 miles per day for the return trip. Total mileage for the trip is now up to 14222 miles along with the state count now up to 36 total. There are only three (3) more states that I plan on visiting on this trip.
During the drive from Mackinaw City, there was a highway sign near Waters, Michigan along Interstate 75 that identified that it was the 45th Parallel. This identifies the half way point between the North Pole and the Equator. I have never encountered a highway sign like that before.
I spent some time in Angola, Indiana where I graduated from college many years ago. The campus has changed a great deal since then. I forgot to add that today was Commencement for Trine and Bobby Knight was the speaker. Go figure!
The plan is to travel South tomorrow to Indianapolis and Cincinnati with the ultimate destination of Louisville.
Time to sign off for now!
The Traveller

Trine University

This picture taken in Angola, Indiana and is the place of my Alma Mater.
When I attended many years ago it was named Tri-State College. In 2008 it was renamed Trine University to remove any reference to a state funded institution and to honor alumnus Ralph Trine.

1951 Super 88 Sedan

This was one of my favorites in the Museum.
Just a note all the Olds in the Museum were donated by individuals throughout the USA.

1967 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible

This picture taken in Lansing, Michigan at the REOlds Transportation Museum. REO stands for Ransom Eli Olds who helped formed the Olds Motor Vehicle Company a forerunner of the Oldsmobile Division of General Motors.
I believe this auto is like one that Jim use to own. His was a hard top but just as beautiful as this convertible.
Just a note there were a total of 548,740 Oldsmobile produced in the year 1967. In 2005 there were a total of zero (0) produced.

Friday, May 7, 2010

53rd Day - A Yooper...Just for One Day

Awoke this morning with the temperature in the mid 40s, overcast, windy, and raining. As I headed further North, the rain increased, winds increased, and the temperature dropped to 37F. The driving was a bit tedious as well with all the rain and the two lane roads that were taken. I thought this might be a rerun of the Castle Rock, Colorado day.
I paid $2.94 per gallon for gasoline in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since I travelled the scenic route, I was not surprised with these prices.
I stopped in Green Bay to visit Lambeau Field. I ended up taking a tour of the stadium. Lambeau Field has just a few necessary frills needed for a great football stadium.
Even though the weather did not cooperate, The Mackinac Bridge was as beautiful as advertised. I really have seen some awesome sights!
Tomorrow the plan is to head South through the Lower Peninsula of Michigan! Maybe there is an Automobile Museum that one can tour.
Night for now!
The Traveller

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Located in Mackinaw City, this Lighthouse was used to guide Ships through the Straits of Mackinac prior to the construction of the Mackinac Bridge.

Mackinac Bridge

This is the Suspension Bridge that links the Upper and the Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.
The picture was taken from the Upper Peninsula side.

Titletown Stadium?

Hint: They are the only NFL Team that is a publicly-owned corporation.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

52nd Day - The Great Mississip

The temperature was a little cooler this morning being in the low 50s. The temperature did get to 66F today though. This morning looked like rain but the sun came shown through again. It really has been very good weather on this trip.
Gasoline in Wisconsin was a more reasonable $2.84 per gallon.
I spent almost two (2) hours watching a barge passing through a Lock today. I understand why it takes so long now though. The Barge is approximately 1000 feet and the Lock being only 600 feet, the Barge has to pass through in sections.
It was a three (3) state day today adding Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to the tally.
North to the Upper Peninsula tomorrow.
Night everyone!
The Traveller

Mississippi River Valley Houses

This picture was taken on Route 76 between Clayton and Marquette, Iowa. I am thinking that these houses would probably require some sort of flood insurance.

Barge Going Through Lock and Dam No. 10

This picture was taken in Guttenberg, Iowa on the Mississippi River. It took an hour and a half for this Barge to pass through the Lock.
There are 29 of these Locks up and down the River. The Locks are to maintain the nine (9) feet depth required for the Barges to navigate on the River.
Notice how close the cars are to the sides of the Lock. The cars are 105 feet wide and the Lock is 110 feet wide.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

51st Day - Cinco de Mayo

The temperature again was in the mid 50s when the morning came but later reached a high of 76F. The sun again decided to show itself. Another nice day!
I had to buy gasoline for $3.14 per gallon today. That is one of the highest prices on the trip.
I really enjoyed roaming around the acreage of the Illinois Railway Museum. Although the Museum itself was closed, there were many Locomotives, Railroad Cars, and Cabooses located on the grounds that one could see. They are all restoration projects by the volunteers.
I also stopped in a town called Galena. Galena is a Latin word meaning lead sulfide. It was a big Mining Town in the mid 1800s, hence its name. It also has a lot of very interesting buildings that are considered historical sights, including US Grant's home.
It is off to see the Effigy Mounds tomorrow as I continue my climb up North to the Upper Peninsula.
The Traveller

28995 Lansing Road - Dyersville, Iowa

Can anyone identify this famous address? The year was 1989!

Illinois Railway Museum

This picture was taken of a Union Pacific Locomotive at the Illinois Railway Museum located at Union, Illinois.
The Museum is the result of more than a half century of ardent and dedicated volunteers. These volunteers have assembled all the buildings, track, locomotives, and cars on this land that use to be farmland.
I think it would be so neat if the Train made a comeback. Maybe with Buffett's help they can.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

50th day - Chi-Town/Windy City

The temperature started out in the mid 50s when I awoke but rose to 86F in the afternoon in downtown Chicago. I spent over four (4) hours walking around downtown Chicago in this temperature.
The price of gasoline is $3.19 per gallon in downtown Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. I have enough gasoline to wait and hope that it will be less expensive a way from Chicago.
I really enjoyed walking around Chicago. It is quite clean with very little smell.
I love the Chicago River running through it. Originally the River flowed from Lake Michigan into the City.
The plan is to go to a Railway Museum in the morning and then head Northwest to Iowa tomorrow.
Night everyone!
The Traveller

'L' Rapid Transit System

This 'L' is run by the Chicago Transit Authority and is the second largest Rapid Transit System in the United States, after the New York City Subway System.
Although the 'L' gets its nickname from being elevated, not all of the total mileage is elevated. Parts of it is on the grade and parts are underground. I just found this interesting how some of Train actually moves above the streets, automobiles, and the people.

Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park

This picture was taken near the Chicago Harbor in Grant Park. The Fountain in the middle only erupts every five (5) minutes. The Chicago Skyline is in the background.
The Fountain along with the Harbor made this a beautiful area of Chicago.

Standing On Air

The Top Picture shows the four (4) Skydeck Glass Enclosures that are attached to Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) with a total height of 1343 feet above street level. One can also notice that there is an airplane flying above on the right.

The Bottom Picture shows me standing on one of the Glass Enclosures. Carol, even I was a bit apprehensive standing here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

49th Day - Lincoln's Legacy

What a beautiful day again with temperatures in the mid 70s with very few clouds. The I55 Route up through Springfield to Joliet was very relaxing as there was very little traffic.
The Lincoln Library and Museum were very educational. It seems to me from his Museum that Lincoln had as many opponents in his own Party as he did with the Opposing Party. It just seems unfair that the truly good people in the world only get credit after they are gone. At least the people voting for him at the time saw the good in him. He truly was one of the great President. I am not so sure he could have become President in today's times, however.
Gasoline prices in Illinois fell right in line with most other states at $2.89 per gallon. I finally had the oil changed on the Prius at St. Louis Airport so I am good to travel for another few thousand miles again.
It is off to see some Chi-Town sights tomorrow.
It's lights out for now!
The Traveller

Lincoln's Springfield Home

Purchased in May of 1844 for the sum of $1500 from Reverend Dresser who married them, the Lincoln would live in the Greek Revival House for a total of 17 years. Over the years the Lincolns enlarged the house to the size shown. Once Lincoln became President in 1861 they rented out the house to Lucian Tilton of The Great Western Railroad fame.
The restored house does have some of the original furnishing in it today, however most were either given away or sold when the Lincolns moved to Washington.
This house is not as impressive as Jefferson's Monticello retreat or Washington's Plantation on the Potomac but has proven to be a visitors mecca on its own.

Aluminum Windmill Blades

I stopped into a Welcome Center near Worden, Illinois and found these Tractor-Trailers parked outside when I returned to my car.
These Windmill Blades are about 150 feet long. One of the drivers explained to me how they make turns. The trucks are designed for the rear axles to be steered via remote control by a co-pilot in the chase car.
The only areas that they cannot steer around are roundabouts. He stated they try to avoid them at any costs.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

48th Day - Great Weekend in St. Louis

It turned out to be just a beautiful weekend in St. Louis. The temperatures today were mid 70s all day. It alternated from sun to cloud cover all day during the game. If I have not already mentioned it but the Cardinals won the game 6-0.
Mike and I had a great weekend in St. Louis. The Weather, the Games, the Arch, the River, the walks, and good eats made it very enjoyable. It was also good for me to be with a part of my family again.
The Airport is the first thing on the agenda in the AM, after that the North is beckoning again.
Need to get to bed early tonight!
The Traveller

Birdseye View of Busch

This picture taken from the Top Tier of Busch Stadium. One can see that we are actually above the right field foul pole. This was on Sunday during the Reds batting practice.
Carol would have loved to look over the side up here.

Gateway Arch View of St. Louis

This picture taken 630 feet up in the sky via the Gateway Arch. In the center of the picture shows the new Busch Stadium where we spent two wonderful afternoons watching the Cardinals win both games, 6-3 on Saturday and 6-0 on Sunday. The tall building on the right background is Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse named after a Missouri Senator. The building is the largest single Courthouse in the United States.
If you look closely, one can see that the picture is somewhat distorted. This is because it is taken through glass at an angle.

Gateway Arch To The West

This picture of the Arch is from the bank of the Mississippi River. This is compliments from Mike who wanted to go down to the River bank. It is a little different perspective of the Arch that one has seen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

47th Day - Baseball

The temperature was in the mid 60s when we awoke this AM. It was partly cloudy and it appeared that we might see some rain. The temperature at Busch peaked at 71F, I really thought it was hotter than that. The temperature did get to 75F later in the afternoon.
We drove to Busch and parked about .3 miles from the Ball Park, the cost was a reasonable $10. The seats were very good as they were on the third base side just 8 rows back from the Cardinal dugout. We were extremely happy with the outcome as the Cardinals won 6-3.
Went to a place called IMOs Pizza after the game. The crust is very thin but the toppings and pizza sauce was real tasty.
The plan tomorrow is to bungee jump off the Arch (just kidding), attend Sunday's game and perhaps go for a Brewery Tour. Looks like it will be a busy day.
The sandman is calling!
The Traveller

Cincinnati versus St Louis @ Busch

I thought this was an interesting picture of Jason Larue swinging and missing the ball. I really like the way the telephoto lens on the new camera can take far away shots. By The way the Cardinals won this game by a score of 6-3.

46th Day - Meet Me In St. Louis

First I would like to apologize for not posting last night. Mike got in real late last night and we decided to go right to bed when we arrived at the Hotel.
The temperature was in mid 60s when I awoke yesterday and later in the day topped out with a high of 74F. It was overcast with rain coming right after I left Tipton.
The drive up Route 5 through the Lake of the Ozarks was quite scenic. I was hoping for good weather but one cannot have everything. The weather for the past few days has been real nice.
I wanted to note that many of the roads in Missouri are designated with alpha characters such as ZZ and YY. In addition gasoline was very close to the low cost of the trip at $2.59 per gallon.
Well it is off to the ballgame today. We are hoping for better weather today than last night. It really poured here last night.
Will update blog tonight, so until then!
The Traveller

8 Ball Water Tower

This picture taken in Tipton, Missouri where one of "The Byrds" Gene Clark is buried. He was a hero of we three Bros. The Water Tower was painted as an 8 Ball because of the Fischer Pool Company which was located in the town. It has since moved, however.
It appears that the town has some pretty decent young men golfers.

Lake of The Ozarks

This picture taken at Hurricane Deck on Route 5 as I was headed up to a Town called Tipton, Missouri for we Bros. It was a very scenic drive through the Lake of the Ozarks, but as one can see the weather was not cooperating fully.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

45th Day - Rest and Relaxation

The temperature finally rose above 80F today, topping out at 86F. It is nice to have the warm weather again.
I really took it easy today. I spent some time at Wilson's Creek Civil War Battle sight and took in a Minor League Baseball Game at Springfield, Missouri. I really enjoyed the break!
I am off to St. Loo tomorrow.
Well rested!
The Traveller

Bloody Hill - Wilson's Creek

This picture is the sight of the final Battle where the Union General Lyon perished. The Battle took place on August 10, 1861 lasting six hours and has often been referred as the "Bull Run of the West"

John Ray's House - Wilson Creek

This is the only building left from the 1861 Civil War Battle of Wilson Creek. It has been restored but it is still on the same sight as it was during the Civil War. It was used as a hospital for the Confederates during the Battle. According to the Park Ranger this was the Second Battle and the initial Battle West of the Mississippi of the Civil War.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

44th Day - Show-Me Time

Another nice sunny day as the temperature was mid 60s when I awoke and peaked at 72F when I reached Springfield, Missouri.
The past three States are back to the norm as far as Super-Unleaded gasoline being priced higher then Unleaded. I have added 5755 miles to the trip since leaving the West Coast and am now up to 12,115 miles total. Since leaving the West Coast I have averaged 360 miles per day. This is over 100 miles per day from the trip to the West Coast.
The next few days are going to be more relaxing as I will be staying in Missouri. It is well needed.
Night everyone!
The Traveller

Bentonville, Arkansas

Just think this is where Wal-Mart started from!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

43rd Day - Four State Day

Temperature was mid 40s when I awoke this AM. As I travelled South it warmed to a high of 68F. A Very nice day today indeed.
I really rolled up the mileage today. The trip from Yankton, South Dakota to just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was over 500 miles. It was a bit much!
The 500 miles included a total of four States. The State count now stands at 28 with still more to come.
My plans are up in the air tomorrow, however.
It has been a long day so will say goodnight!
The Traveller

Oklahoma City National Memorial

This was such a tragic event. I thought this Memorial was one of the best I have seen, however. There is the Survivor Walls of the Murrah Building, the Survivor Tree (American Elm) which remained standing after the blast, Field of 168 Empty Chairs that symbolize a life lost, and a Reflecting Pool that helps soothe the wounds with a calming effect.

State Signs

The State Signs of the States that I was in today!

Monday, April 26, 2010

42nd Day - Dakota Day

It was raining again this AM with a temperature in the low 40s. The temperature dipped to the mid 30s as I travelled up North.
North Dakota can now be added to the State count. It was quite an interesting hour that I spent in North Dakota, however. While travelling down Route 11, I encountered water across the road and had to turn around and find another route.
The gasoline octane is 87 or higher in the Dakotas, yet the prices are in the $2.90s per gallon. I am curious on just how all these octanes affect the engines performance over a long period of time.
Heading South with the ultimate destination of Oklahoma City tomorrow.
Night everyone!
the Traveller

Corn Palace

The Corn Palace is located in Mitchell, South Dakota. On the exterior walls there are corn murals that are replaced and redesigned each year.
It is basically used for concerts, sports events, exhibits, and other community events.

Farmland USA

This picture was taken on Route 47 just North of Eureka, South Dakota.
Does this bring back memories Jim?